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  I like best about your services “that you offer various services including moving and downsizing”
Gail R

Downsizing or Rightsizing (the new term for downsizing) is the process of going through one’s belongings and determining what you need, what is important to you to keep, what you would like to dispose of and what to do with these items. Many life changes bring the impetus to attack the many tasks involved in sorting through all of you possessions.

A move to a new home - often a smaller space is probably the most common reason to downsize. Sometimes just a change in lifestyle – children gone – converting empty rooms into new functions such as offices, craft rooms or guest rooms can precipitate the need to sort through and dispose of items.

There are many ways to dispose of items including giving items to friends or family, garage sales, estate sales, consignment, internet selling such as eBay, Craig’s list or auctions. As a Senior Move Manager, I have a selection of resources that I can tap into to try and get the most money for your treasures. It is important to be very realistic in what items will sell for, your emotional attachment to the item, unfortunately, does not increase the value in the buyer eyes.

There are many creative ways to save the memories and downsize the space that they take up. Keeping items that are important to you but sometimes cumbersome can be restructured for example, video tapes and movies can be converted to CD’s and DVD’s; photos can be scanned and stored electronically or organized in albums and archival boxes It is important to remember that you are not shedding your history when you move and that it is OK to bring symbols and reminders with you. For example, we once removed metals from an army uniform and had them framed in a box that could be hung on the wall instead of having the uniform take up valuable closet space. This also allowed the client to visually enjoy the important memories every time he saw them.

Depression and anxiety are common emotions that the elderly often experience
while going through the process of downsizing. In some relationships, the family can be very helpful during this process but often emotions run high and it easier for the senior to work with a professional senior move manager to assist.

When is the right time to downsize? A yearly review of everything in your possession is recommended. The first time can be quite overwhelming however maintaining an organized and clutter free life you will find will enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your home and your ability to be more efficient in your daily life.

It is never too soon to start the downsizing process. Even if you are planning a move 2 months or more from now – by starting the downsizing process now, you will make the move more efficient, less costly and not as overwhelming. Each and every item that is moved adds to the total cost of relocation. Take time now to get your possessions in order and experience the freedom of an unencumbered life style. Senior Move Specialists can help! Call today for a free quote on downsizing assistance.

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